To Kill A Mockingbird After listening to the first chapter again I noticed that in the first few lines we are allowed to see a glimpse of the future with the situations with the Ewells. The first chapter starts off a few years after the end of the book, after Atticus’ case with the Ewells […]

In this chapter we learn some more about the people in Maycomb county and the hierarchy of the people. We can learn from a quote from Aunt Alexandria that she doesn’t think very highly of the black community in Maycomb. After Atticus said in front of Calpurnia, at the dinner table, that “He despises Negroes, […]

I think that pride and shame are big things to the characters, especially þvfeëç ïfsß because she feels like she holds the reputation of the family on her shoulders. She is ashamed of Atticus because of the way he has raised his kids and his reputation around time. She feels she has to atleast raise […]

In this chapter we find out a few new things about Atticus. First of all he hides alot of things from his kids, possibly to stop these things from affecting their future. Second of all he hides the fact that he can shoot to his children and I think this is because he wants scout […]

DUSTY FOOTPRINTS Dusty footprints trailed through the open gate. The rough and shaggy grass like uncombed hair, desolate and dead swayed in the humid noon air. The red front door, well almost red, it looked as if it hadn’t been painted in a good 2 years, hung ajar. Through the front door sat an old […]

I think that shame and pride influence the actions of Scout. Scout hits Francis out of shame to defend her Fathers reputation. This is because of her great amount of pride. I also think that Francis is acting out of pride as well because he is defending the family, he is told by his mother that […]

University education should be free. ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ – Nelson Mandela. Higher education in the UK is not free. People have to pay tens of thousands to pay for a place in some of the best universities in the country. To me, a student almost […]

How has pride been shown in MLD and one other poem you have studied? My last Duchess is a Browning poem. The narrator (or Duke) shows he has alot of pride because the way he reacts to the execution of his wife. The Duke describes the death of his wife by saying ‘I gave commands; […]

Compare how flaws are shown in Othello and a range of poetry you have studied In this essay I will be comparing the way that flaws are shown by analysing the language and structure of Othello and several Browning poems. These poems include Porphyria’s lover, The Laboratory and The Spanish Cloister. The link between all […]

Im this chapter Jem, Dill and Scout sneak into the Radley back lot and get caught by a mysterious shadow (Boo Radley). They do this out of curiosity. After they find their way back Atticus notices that Jems pants are missing. Dill covers with a lie about strip poker and they get off Scott free. […]